In the field of sheet metal processing, in order to supply a finished product, it is now essential to be equipped with welding systems and each material requires dedicated systems.

For this reason, within the company you can find different devices for the following types of welding:

MIG welding

MIG welding is a type of arc welding. To heat metals and allow welding, it uses the power released by an electric arc that strikes between the electrode (called filler material) and the metal to be welded. It is also a type of continuous wire welding that uses argon as an inert gas.

TIG welding

TIG welding, or arc welding with a tungsten electrode under inert gas protection, is a fusion welding process with special properties that allow the creation of precise, high-quality weld seams.


This type of heterogeneous welding is obtained by melting a filler metal (silicon brass) while the base metal is heated locally, without however bringing it to melting, using the oxyacetylene torch or the electric arc: the connection between the pieces is made by absorption.

This type of welding allows the connection between objects of limited thickness without putting too much stress on the material, which is why it is usually practiced with copper and brass sheet metal.

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