Laser cutting, bending and welding
of metal sheets

Iron, stainless steel, aluminum and brass sheets

R.P.M., acronym for Realizzazione Progetti Meccanici, is a mechanical company specialized in sheet metal processing with great experience in various sectors: electromechanical, pharmaceutical, railway, lighting engineering and automotive with the flexibility to respond to the various and different needs of the customer.

Born in the 80s from the idea of Mario Giovannini who, with his son Piero, innovated the concept of a mechanical company to develop and implement the projects and new products of the emerging companies in the Florentine district which, thanks to this new “concept”, they were able to evolve and produce objects that brought them success.

Today, now in its third generation, Simone Giovannini and his partner Andrea Nistri maintain the original concept and relaunch the offer with increasingly new and advanced machinery, as well as providing “ad hoc” consultancy and planning to engineer and optimize the products required.

Over its history, the company has developed the following skills:

  • Laser cutting, bending, welding and finishing of various types
  • Electrical Laboratory to provide reference electrical tests and certifications for lighting engineering tests
  • Wiring and calculation of electrical lighting components
  • Complete product consultancy from conception to production
  • Generation of CAD construction drawings and related technical documentation.
Trumpf TruLaser 3030

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